Your Asianlife healthcare membership provides you access to excellent medical assistance provided by our top-caliber medical specialists from the country's finest hospitals and clinics. This is made available to you on a no-cash-out basis.

Under your coverage, you are entitled to an X number of out-patient consultations with any of our accredited specialists. Hospital confinements are covered up to your Maximum Benefit Limit. Emergency Care, Annual Check-Up and Preventive Care Benefits are also included in your program. (optional benefits)
The LOA or Letter of Authorization serves as Asianlife's official document authorizing the hospital to accommodate your hospitalization under Asianlife. This is issued by our Medical Iinformation Center Officer\Liaison Officer to the hospital's Billing Section within 24 hours upon our monitoring of your confinement.

It is important to present your Asianlife card to the hospital upon admission to enable us to monitor and assess your confinement and thus promptly issue the LOA (if availment is within your Asianlife healthcare program).

Our designated Liaison Officer within the area will be available to visit you within 24 hours of your hospital confinement.
Our call center is available 24/7 to assist you in any of your medical needs. Please call us at 895-3308.
While we strictly require you to present your card before an availment is allowed, we will deal with your situation on a case-to-case basis.

If you're medical need is non-emergency or elective, please contact our Call Center before your consultation with the Asianlife accredited doctor. If it's an emergency availment, appropriate treatment will be rendered to you at the ER unit of any medical facility. However, please get in touch with us as soon as you can so that we can render you proper assist
For an elective confinement, please present your Asianlife accredited doctor's admitting order together with your Asianlife card to the hospital's admitting section, wherein you will be assigned to a room according to your plan benefit.

If your availment is emergency in nature, please proceed to the nearest clinic or hospital for immediate medical treatment. Please notify us subsequently so we can properly assist you.
It's important to always bring with you your Asianlife Card for your hassle-free availment. Please present this to the Medical Coordinator or hospital staff when you visit.
For emergency situations, you will be required to pay for the cost of your treatment/confinement if such treatment/confinement is in a non-affiliated hospital and/or by a non-affiliated physician. In these cases you may apply for reimbursement of your expenses.
1. Secure the prescribed claim form either from our office or at your HR department of your company. Fill up the appropriate blanks. Ask your attending physician to make a medical account of your treatment on the "Attending Physician's Report" portion of the claims form.

2. Request for reimbursement should be submitted to ALGA's Claims Department within 30 days from the date of your discharge from the hospital.

The following documents should be attached to the prescribed claim form.
  • Original official receipt(s) of all payment(s) made to the hospital, medical center or clinic pertinent to the confinement.
  • Original official receipt(s) of all payment(s) made to the doctor(s).
  • Original statement of accounts ; and
  • Original charge slips. If none, itemized breakdown of charges.
  • Admitting History Report for inpatient calls
  • Operative record including the histopathological report if surgical procedure was performed.
3. We can process your application for reimbursement only when all requirements have been submitted and hospitalization bills are sent to us by the hospital. We may request additional medical information pertinent to the evaluation of your claim. Our Claims Department will inform you of any additional requirements, if any, that you will have to comply with.

4. You may check the status of your claim from our Claims Department during office hours at 890-1758 locals 295, 296, 297 or 298.