ALGA Peso Denominated Funds

Prices as of and Performance as of December 2017 of Fund Statistics

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Fund ID File Path Name Currency Price Effective Date Average Annualized Performance Historical Price Fund Statisticx
1 Year Interval 3 Year Interval 5 Year Interval
ABAL C:\DevFolders\Asianlife\VUL\Fund Statistics\Balance_Fund\201816\ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund - Fact Sheet - Dec.pdf ALGA Phil. Balanced Fund PHP 2.4350 2/20/2018 10.84% 1.51% 4.73% As Of 12/31/2017 (PDF)
ABON C:\DevFolders\Asianlife\VUL\Fund Statistics\Bond_Fund\2017124\ATRAM Total Return Peso Bond Fund Fact Sheet Nov 2.pdf ALGA Phil. Fixed Income Fund PHP 103.8296 2/20/2018 N/A N/A N/A As Of 11/29/2017 (PDF)
AEQT C:\DevFolders\Asianlife\VUL\Fund Statistics\Opportunity_Fund\201816\ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund - Fact Sh.pdf ALGA Phil. Equity Opportunity Fund PHP 4.5586 2/20/2018 19.26% 1.39% 5.43% As Of 12/31/2017 (PDF)


• Past performance should not be seen as an indication of how a fund will perform in the future and does not provide a guarantee of future returns.

• The Fund's reference benchmark is the Philippine Stock Exchange Index.

• The Fund's performance figures are net of fees and taxes.

• The Fund's performance figures shown above are based on the latest NAVPS available.